LensPro Headlight Repair Polish

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Get Professionally-Restored Headlights With This!

Make your headlights always look good as new with the LensPro Headlight Repair Polish. It is a multipurpose cleaner and repair solution that is specially formulated for headlights.  It has a superhydrophobic glass coating that acts as a barrier coating over the surface of the headlight. 

The LensPro Headlight Repair Polish effectively removes haze and corrosion from the lenses. It can also be applied to protect your car's paint from five factors of automobile aging: Scratch, Stain, UV Light, Rain, Dust. It has a PH tolerance of PH2-12. It is fast and easy to apply.


  • PROTECTS YOUR CAR: It adopts the updated and advanced design, refurbishes the crystal-free plating of the large lampshade, and increases the anti-oxidation protective layer.
  • PROLONGS HEADLIGHTS LIFE: It quickly and easily restores the clarity of the oxidized and yellowed headlights. It is suitable for the refurbishment of old lamps and the protection of new lamps. The polish prolongs the service life of the lamps. 
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: It immediately restores the headlight lens and improves the visibility and safety of night driving. It is universally suitable for cars, electric vehicles, motorcycles, and more. It can refurbish yellow lights, fuzzy, oxidized, and scratches.
  • EASY TO USE: It is easy to use. shake well, and spray on the surface, Wipe with sponge and towel evenly.


  •  Net Weight: About 20ml


  • 1 x LensPro Headlight Repair Polish