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Exhausted from constant back, shoulder or neck pain? Suffering fromĀ slouching or poor posture? Get the daily relief you deserve!Ā 

Today, most bras are not made to support your chest, leaving you with poor posture.

The PostureGemā„¢ Wireless BraĀ instantly improves your postureĀ while relievingĀ any strain & painĀ on your back and neck as well as keeping your bust secure & comfortable.Ā 

We all know that poor posture is bad for long term health. If youā€™re in front of a screen all day or do a lot of physical activities, itā€™s highly likely that you suffer from slouching and poor posture.

If poor posture is left untreated, it slowly leads toĀ more problemsĀ like headaches, muscle fatigue, body aches, back pain and poor focus.

Poor posture hurts you more than you realize.

Designed to fit all sizes, wear theĀ PostureGemā„¢ Posture Corrector Wireless Bra at work, the gym or at home toĀ enjoy good posture all day, everyday.

WhyĀ PostureGemā„¢ Will Change Your Life!

āœ…Ā Improve PostureĀ - Using correcting band technology, theĀ PostureGemā„¢ retrains your muscles by pulling your shoulders and back to return to its natural alignment, relieving any pain.Ā 

āœ…Ā Feel Better, Look BetterĀ - Help smooth side & back bulges while lifting & accentuating yourĀ chest

āœ…Ā Quick Yet Long FixĀ - TheĀ PostureGemā„¢ shows a difference starting day 1 however, continuously wearing will allow your muscle memory to keep your good posture in place!

āœ…Ā Get Unmatched ComfortĀ - Unlike other posture braces & bras, maintain an upright posture without hindering your movement.

āœ…Ā Wear It AnywhereĀ - Seamlessly fits under your clothes, no one will know where you're getting that extra boost!Ā  Ā 

āœ…Ā The Perfect FitĀ - Accurately fit theĀ PostureGemā„¢ to your liking with the help of adjustable hook and front eye closure, giving you the the great shape you desire.

Weā€™ve all been told to ā€œsit up straightā€ or ā€œdonā€™t slouchā€ many times growing up.

Think about itĀ - Weā€™ve all tried to maintain good posture but could never hold it. Itā€™s understandable, we get busy andĀ forget to hold our posture. Only leaving us slouched or with our heads tilted forward, backs hunched or shoulders rounded.Ā 

The PostureGemā„¢ acts aĀ gentle yet constantĀ reminder to you and your muscles to keep your posture straight and overtime your muscles will develop to maintain it.

Poor posture hurts you more than you realize! The perfect posture is only a Bra away!Ā Ā Ā 


PostureGemā„¢ is made of adjustable elastic material (88% polyamide, 12% spandex), each size can fit a wide range of band sizes and cup sizes