Telescopic Kitchen Basket™ - The Latest In Keeping Your Kitchen Dry, Healthy & Neat

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The Telescopic Kitchen Basket is the All-In-One solution you never knew existed. There is no reason to have sodden sponges, scourers, scrubbers or cloths anymore. Nor is there a reason to have an untidy, unorganised kitchen sink space! Because with the Telescopic Basket you can now have space-saving storage for all your cleaning utensils and a rack to hang cloths/towels. All the while creating a healthy environment with the purposely designed ventilation and drainage the basket provides. 

✅ TELESCOPIC DESIGN - Freely adjust the length to meets different needs and adapt to different sink sizes

✅ VENTILATED DRAIN - Create a healthy kitchen environment by keep your sponges, brushes, scourers and cloths dry with the even distributed drain holes

✅ TOWEL BAR - Provides a spot to hang your kitchen towels; keeping them dry and hygienic whilst keeping YOUR kitchen NEAT and TIDY 

✅ EASY STORAGE - Quickly and easily store all your cleaning utensils in a convenient and comfortable location 

✅ SIMPLE INSTALLATION - A humanized design that is easy to remove and wash