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Be the content creator you always wanted to be. With a variety of applications, the Self Studio allows you to hone in on what you're most passionate about. Don't let the thought of quality or money hold you back. With the Self Studio you have everything you need at your fingertips 🙌


Why Use the Self Studio

♾️ Versatile - Use it for all of your content creating needs. Feel free to explore every social media platform you desire.

🏦 Affordable - The Self Studio takes what you currently have and enhances it! All you need is a smartphone or digital camera to build your own professional studio.

📈 High-Quality - With a stable tripod, condensed microphone, and bright LED lights, your content will never suffer a dull moment!

Universal Tripod

Shooting Made Easy - Easily pairs with a variety of smartphones and cameras which allows you to focus solely on your content. The Phone Holder is compatible with devices that are a minimum 5.5cm and maximum 8.5cm in width. The Phone Holder also contains a 1/4” socket size which can be pair with larger tripods that have a compatible socket size. The height of the tripod is 4 inches from the base to the phone holder.


Condenser Microphone

Plug & Play - Designed to produce high-fidelity, high-resolution audio while reducing white-noise and unwanted audio. With a 3.5mm microphone plug, this microphone works with virtually all smartphones (recent iPhone models will need an Apple certified adapter and so will other phones without a standard 3.5mm microphone plug) and cameras. *Phone speakers will not play audio once the microphone is connected.*

LED Lighting


Three Light Settings - Adjust the LED lighting to three different settings to create the perfect ambience.


The Self Studio Remote

Bluetooth Remote - With up to 30ft (10m) of distance, conveniently control the shooting experience of your content.

Batteries Not Included

All electronic components of this product require batteries for operation. Batteries are not included.


Included in the Box

  • Table Tripod
  • LED Light Fixture
  • Shotgun Microphone
  • Phone Holder
  • Bluetooth Remote


Refund Policy

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